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Pinot blanc

Pinot blanc 2018

(late harvest, off-dry, Slunečný vrch)

Attributive wines in these bottles are among the typical representatives of varietal wines and are nice gifts. We recommend these wines to be served at lunch and dinner but certainly for the evening sipping while watching TV. In view of the distinctiveness of the varieties, these wines are sought after by restaurants and wine bars as a quality ingredient of their drink menus with a favorable ratio of quality and price.

  • Order No. NV302
  • Sub-region Mikulovská
  • Track Slunečný vrch
  • Sugar 8,1 g/l
  • Acids 5,5 g/l
  • Alcohol 12,0 %
  • Volume 0,75l
  • Closure Glass

219 CZK

Goods are sent in boxes of 6 bottles.
To complete your order, the number of bottles in the shopping cart must be a multiple of 6.

Pinot blanc 2018

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